LoREZ Crocodilia

LoREZ Crocodillia

Here’s a sneak peak at another project I’ve been working for a while, the LoREZ Crocodilia figure. This includes both Alligators and Crocodiles as a fully rigged low resolution 3D model for use in DAZ Studio and Iray.

The beginning of April afforded me a little bit of time to work on this, so I managed to finish all the rigging in DAZ Studio and added a number of morphs and control dials. There is still some work to be done on the Crocodile morph which is the one on the right. The teeth all need fixing so you can see those on the bottom row. I have also finished off a number of poses too, swimming, eating, walking, floating, etc.

The next big thing is the high resolution sculpt I’ll be doing in Zbrush. Then once I have a HD normal map I’ll continue the process by texturing it in Substance Painter. I have also managed to create some custom alphas for the sculpting process in Zbrush.

I plan on getting this finished along with a brand new environment scene, which again has been on my hard drive for several years. I’ll post some sneak peaks of this scene once there is something more to show. But I will say that with the recent improvements to Iray and DAZ Studio the basic scene looks really good due to the water caustics, oh did I give too much away there!

LoREZ Crocodillia
Wireframes of the LoREZ Crocodilia project and the final mesh, which comes in at just over 6000 polygons. This is also setup for Sub-division within DAZ Studio.
LoREZ Crocodillia
An early look at the model in DAZ Studio

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