Eboji for Mister Bobble

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Introducing the zaniest, most adorable Emoji-styled character add-on to ever grace Mister Bobble’s whimsical world!

Mister Bobble, the original figure by Predatron, with his charming bobblehead and infinite knack for fun, is immediately transformed into Eboji, the brand-new, vibrant, and expressive Emoji add-on character – the cherry on top of Mister Bobble’s mischief!

Included are presets to change Mister Bobble into a floating head with all the original expression morphs, plus 8 brand-new ones. A whole host of material options are included to add various colours and styles. There are 2 pairs of fun glasses, an add-on hand and gloves set, expressive eyebrows, and poseable teardrops. A lighting and render setting preset from the main promo is included.

Optimised for DAZ Studio and Iray, and requires Mister Bobble.

Let Mister Bobble and his Emoji buddy turn every day into an adventure filled with smiles and laughter.


Emoji-inspired fully textured 3D model character add-on for use DAZ Studio and Iray. Suitable for digital art, film, TV and illustrations.

Features for Eboji for Mister Bobble
  • Eboji for Mister Bobble: (.DUF)
    • Eboji Head
    • Mr Bobble Base
      • Brrrr
      • Conrite
      • Envy
      • Flustered
      • Not Well
      • Poorly
      • Sad
      • Serious
      • Mouth Lip Lower Open
      • Mouth Lip Upper Raised
      • Mouth Pucker Kiss
      • Hide Teardrop Left
      • Hide Teardrop Right
      • Teardrops Sweating
    • Wearables:
      • All Default Wearables
      • Eboji Eyebrows
        • Eyebrow Left Raised
        • Eyebrow Right Raised
      • Eboji Hands Glove Detail
      • Eboji Hands
        • SmoothTips
      • Eboji Head Cap
      • Eboji Heart Glasses
      • Eboji Shell
      • Eboji Teardrops
        • Hide Teardrop Left
        • Hide Teardrop Right
      • Pilot Sunglasses
    • Poses:
      • Hands Raised 01
      • Hand Cover Eye Left
      • Hand Cover Eye Peek Left
      • Hand Cover Eye Peek Right
      • Hand Cover Eye Right
      • Hand Flat to Chin Left
      • Hand Flat to Chin Right
      • Hand On Head Left
      • Hand On Head Right
      • Hand Open Left
      • Hand Open Right
      • Hand Point to Mouth Left
      • Hand Point to Mouth Right
      • Hand Salute Left
      • Hand Salute Right
      • Hand Shield Eyes Left
      • Hand Shield Eyes Right
      • Hand Thumbs Up Left
      • Hand Thumbs Up Right
      • Hand Victory Left
      • Hand Victory Right
    • Render settings
      • Eboji Lighting
    • Materials:
      • !Face Envy
      • !Face Freezing
      • !Face Hot and Flustered
      • !Face Not Well
      • !Face Rage
      • !Skin Classic Blue
      • !Skin Classic Green
      • !Skin Classic Orange
      • !Skin Classic Red
      • !Skin Classic White
      • !Skin Classic Yellow
      • Eyes Blue
      • Eyes Flat Black
      • Eyes Flat White
      • Eyes Red
      • Hands Blue
      • Hands Green
      • Hands Orange
      • Hands Red
      • Hands White
      • Hands Yellow
      • Shell Cheek Blush Blue Mid
      • Shell Cheek Blush Blue Soft
      • Shell Cheek Blush Blue Strong
      • Shell Cheek Blush Grn Mid
      • Shell Cheek Blush Grn Soft
      • Shell Cheek Blush Grn Strong
      • Shell Cheek Blush Orange Mid
      • Shell Cheek Blush Orange Soft
      • Shell Cheek Blush Orange Strong
      • Shell Cheek Blush Red Mid
      • Shell Cheek Blush Red Soft
      • Shell Cheek Blush Red Strong
      • Shell Cheek Blush White Mid
      • Shell Cheek Blush White Soft
      • Shell Cheek Blush White Strong
      • Shell Face Blush Blue Mid
      • Shell Face Blush Blue Soft
      • Shell Face Blush Blue Strong
      • Shell Face Blush Grn Mid
      • Shell Face Blush Grn Soft
      • Shell Face Blush Grn Strong
      • Shell Face Blush Orange Mid
      • Shell Face Blush Orange Soft
      • Shell Face Blush Orange Strong
      • Shell Face Blush Red Mid
      • Shell Face Blush Red Soft
      • Shell Face Blush Red Strong
      • Shell Face Blush White Mid
      • Shell Face Blush White Soft
      • Shell Face Blush White Strong
      • Shell Face Blush Yellow Mid
      • Shell Face Blush Yellow Soft
      • Shell Face Blush Yellow Strong
      • Shell Head Gradient Blue Mid
      • Shell Head Gradient Blue Soft
      • Shell Head Gradient Blue Strong
      • Shell Head Gradient Grn Mid
      • Shell Head Gradient Grn Soft
      • Shell Head Gradient Grn Strong
      • Shell Head Gradient Red Mid
      • Shell Head Gradient Red Soft
      • Shell Head Gradient Red Strong
      • Shell Head Gradient White Mid
      • Shell Head Gradient White Soft
      • Shell Head Gradient White Strong
      • Shell Opacity Zero
      • Teardrops Blue Light
      • Teardrops Blue
    • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets
    • Textures Included
      • 12 x Base Colour, Normal, Displacement and Roughness Maps
        • Dimensions – 512 x 512 up to 4096 x 4096
      • 6 x Texture Templates
        • Dimensions – 1024 x 1024 px
    • Polygon Count:
      • N/A
    • Required Product
    • Recommended Product(s)
    • Software Compatibility
  1. Location of the texture template file is in Runtime/Textures/Predatron/Product Name/Templates
  2. Please make sure you read the End User License Agreement outlining the terms and conditions about using this product.
  3. Click on the link below:
    End User License Agreement