Lorenzo Lorez II Update

Lorenzo HD Test 001

So it has been a while since I first made Lorenzo Lorez, a low resolution 3D model, and I thought it’s high time I did an update. The original figure was really well received and served as a great scene filler for all those occasions when having low resolution model wouldn’t make your computer breakout into a sweat.

The original Lorenzo was entirely made with Poser, so that tells you how long ago that was first built. I’ve been totally exclusive with DAZ Studio now for what must be ten years now. So first thing is to get the files all DAZ Studio compliant and ready for Iray rendering. Then I need a bit more content a bit like the original, so a number of base clothing sets, hair, poses, material options and props. The second consideration is updating for other kinds of software, so I’m working on Blender and Unreal as the two main platforms.

So as you can see with the basic Zbrush render here I am working on the high resolution sculpt on the right so I can then use this for the HD morph details for DAZ Studio and then for normal and displacement details for the other platforms. Of course I can then work with LOD (level of detail) versions and see about including them too.

So still have some ways to go yet considering the huge workload I have at the moment, but got to keep chipping away at this. These projects are always made for myself initially so I have my own models ready for those digital artworks I want to create. There are some exciting projects coming up mainly in relation to my writing endeavours that will require some supporting 3D character design.

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  1. This looks very interesting. Do you think you’ll sell via Daz store, or independently? I’d love updates on this if you have a mailing list.

    1. Thanks for the interest. This has been a long term project that I keep chipping away at. I should eventually have it for sale at DAZ and here on my own website. You can subscribe to my email list via the home page, the sign up box is at the end of the first paragraph. Thanks

  2. I own a both of the previous models, and I really can’t wait for this new version. Just purchased your LoRez Horse 2, and it is magnificent! Have you got an eta for this new product, and are you also working on the female version at the same time?

    1. Thank you so much for the support, it’s much appreciated. Like with all things time is a big factor in getting these sets finished. I’m almost done with my fantasy character that I’ve been working on for around 7 years!! So that should be in testing within the next month or so. So I can allocate some time to the Lorenzo and Loretta updates, they certainly need it. I hope to also develop this site a bit more over the coming months, add more content and get the newsletter up and running. But please feel free to get in touch whenever you like regards any updates or suggestions. Many thanks

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