Simple Grasslands Expanse

Promo of Simple Grasslands Expanse with pig cart and figure

This environment is a must to form a good foundation for any outdoor scene. This starts as a simple round plane that includes morphs to affect hills and mounds. A geometry shell can sit above the base and both will take several material options that can be manipulated through various tiling sizes, rotation of UVs, and opacity maps. This will give a whole host of options just on the base alone giving versatility that can lessen any repeating tiling issues. Apply your own tileable textures for more variety.

This set also includes a variety of vegetation models such as two types of trees in six versions, seven bushes, four separate ground covering grass cards that will take on the morphs of the underlying ground base, and three wearable large weed models that come in three different color options.

Included is an optional morphing backdrop plane that has seventeen separate textures of cloudscapes, landscapes, and gradients. This is a tool to help minimize the opacity map ghosting issues that can be seen when using matt fog and various atmospheric effects. Also, these textures can slot in the environment background if needed.

The last of the included models is a sky shadow plane that will take on the opacity map options to give some interesting cloud shadows on the ground below, this works best with the more direct overhead lighting options.

There are four render options for the sun and sky settings, plus options to add matte and ground fog.

Optimized for DAZ Studio and Iray.

This is now live at

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