FW190 Fighter Plane

Focke Wulf 190

I am pleased to announce that I’m including a new range of products exclusively at my website. This is a bit of departure for me from where I normally release more high profile products. My main reason is to have a bit more control and also to offer more specific genres especially those that I […]

Predatron Exclusives

Predatron Exclusives

After what must be over 5 years I finally got my own store up and running. For the moment I’m going to gradually add props, scenes and figures not available anywhere else and for the moment I’ll be calling the store Predatron Exclusives. I’m still running my DAZ3D store as usual, but this is going […]

Hog and Barrel Update

Hog and Barrel

Both the interior and exterior set are now live at www.daz3d.com/predatron. I’ve had a lot of very good feedback on both of these sets, which I truly appreciated. It has been another one of many long term projects that I have eventually finished and it’s always nice to have some of my own environments to […]

Hog and Barrel Project

Hog and Barrel

It’s almost time for the PA Sale at DAZ and I managed to get a project ready to have included. This was totally inspired by my fascination with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. So I wanted to pay homage in my own way to the inns found in Hobbiton and Bree. So I […]

Lorenzo Lorez V2

Lorenzo Lorez - Predatron 3D Models

Another project in the works and one that’s been needing an update for quite a few years now. The Lorenzo Lorez 2 figure is almost fully rigged for DAZ Studio. My original Lorenzo was built originally for Poser and is about 10 years old now. I wanted a figure back then that I could populate […]

New Figure in the Works

Benjamin - Predatron 3D Models

This is a new figure that I’ve actually been working on for just over 3 years in between all my other projects. I’m hoping that it will be available in my store sometime later this year. This project was very influenced by a world frequented by people of rather diminutive stature who have a tendency […]


Outdoor Lounge Area

Well this has taken such a while to get my website back online, possibly several years now. I’ve just not had the time to sit and develop a new site after several bad experiences of rubbish hosting providers. I’ve now been using www.ionos.co.uk (formally 1&1) for around year or so, mainly for email, other websites […]