Ruined Tower

Now What?

High on a hill sits a ruined tower with commanding views across the lands beyond. Is it a place of sanctuary or one to be avoided at all costs? Ruined Tower is a highly detailed scene that offers lots of possibilities to aid in storytelling. All of the parts are modular so different setups can […]

LoREZ Pig 2

LoREZ Pig 2

This LoREZ Pig 2 is as happy as a pig in the mud because it has been totally reworked with a low-density mesh coming in at only 2982 polygons. So this figure can be a perfect background addition, though it benefits from HD morphs and strand based hair, so it’s perfectly suitable for foreground uses […]

Sometimes we have to take a different approach

So I decided, after much deliberation, that the original custom character I was working on for well over 4 years would be best suited on the DAZ3D Genesis 8 platform. So over the last few weeks I have made great inroads to transfer all the work I did over to Genesis and I’m very hopeful […]

Why DAZ Studio?


So you may be asking what type of software do I use to create 3D art? Also how easy is it to get into making art on the computer? Well I might just have an answer that will show you it’s not as expensive as you may think. I have been using a program called […]

Research, Research, Research

Spitfire 3D model WIP

With the latest model I’ve been making, the Supermarine Spitfire Mk V, it occurred to me just how much I love working on these projects for a living. Not only does it fulfil my creative need and offers many sorts of problem solving when assembling 3D models from scratch, but one aspect of this vocation […]

Spitfire Mk V

Supermarine Spitfire Mk V

Well this was a long time coming my take on the famous Supermarine Spitfire Mk V. Just can’t wait to get this one finished. These are work in progress images. The adding of textures will be a few weeks away I would imagine. I decided that this mark was a good one because I could […]

Predatron Exclusives

Predatron Exclusives

After what must be over 5 years I finally got my own store up and running. For the moment I’m going to gradually add props, scenes and figures not available anywhere else and for the moment I’ll be calling the store Predatron Exclusives. I’m still running my DAZ3D store as usual, but this is going […]

Hog and Barrel Update

Hog and Barrel

Both the interior and exterior set are now live at I’ve had a lot of very good feedback on both of these sets, which I truly appreciated. It has been another one of many long term projects that I have eventually finished and it’s always nice to have some of my own environments to […]

Hog and Barrel Project

Hog and Barrel

It’s almost time for the PA Sale at DAZ and I managed to get a project ready to have included. This was totally inspired by my fascination with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. So I wanted to pay homage in my own way to the inns found in Hobbiton and Bree. So I […]

Lorenzo Lorez V2

Lorenzo Lorez - Predatron 3D Models

Another project in the works and one that’s been needing an update for quite a few years now. The Lorenzo Lorez 2 figure is almost fully rigged for DAZ Studio. My original Lorenzo was built originally for Poser and is about 10 years old now. I wanted a figure back then that I could populate […]