Insta Coupon 25% Off All Store

Just dropped a coupon code over on the Predatron Instagram page for 25% off your next purchase for some great-looking 3D models for use in DAZ Studio. All products qualify for the discount. Enter the code – insta25percentoff2024 when you checkout. The code ends 1st Feb 2024. Below are a few of the qualifying products. […]

Gazelles of the African Plains

Gazelle at a waterhole in the hot sun

Across the parched sunlit plains, a golden gazelle dashes with effortless grace. Its hooves barely touch the baked and cracked soil as it moves, framed by curving horns and a flowing tail. Against the expansive backdrop, it embodies the untamed spirit of Africa. Gazelles, these fleet-footed wonders of the animal kingdom, are truly captivating creatures. […]

Rat Invested!

Market and rats

Are you ready to inject a dose of filthy infestation into your digital scenes? Look no further! Introducing the LoREZ Rat – Invest in an extraordinary addition to your DAZ Studio toolkit that will elevate your creations to a whole new level. This versatile and meticulously designed asset promises to infest your scenes with a […]

LoREZ Hippo – ‘River Horse’

Hippos lazing by the pool

So one of the cool aspects of working as a 3D model maker is the variety of subject matter that I get to realise digitally. Following on from my ever-popular LoREZ series is this brand-new LoREZ Hippo. A hippopotamus, scientifically known as Hippopotamus amphibius, is a large semi-aquatic mammal native to sub-Saharan Africa. It is […]

Mad March Sale 2023

Banner for Mad for March Sale

As we enter the second week of March you may not be aware that the whole of the Predatron online shop has savings of 50% off, and that’s for every single product. There are already over 70 products to choose from that include detailed environments to original characters. As a bit of a side note […]

Medieval Roadside Merchant Stalls

A view of a medieval street that includes the Medieval Roadside Merchant Stalls

Now available here at Whether it is dusty cobbled market squares or along the side of well-worn country tracks, these medieval roadside merchant stalls will offer all kinds of produce. The base stall has a number of morphs that can offer some versatility in creating the look you are after. A number of additional wearable […]

LoREZ Horse 2

Predatron LoREZ Horse 2 and two-wheeled cart

“Steadfastly, the magnificent and mighty steed traversed the arid western land, carrying its rider to freedom towards the glorious setting sun.” LoREZ Horse 2 for DAZStudio, which is now available in the store here, is a highly detailed 3D model for DAZStudio and comes complete with hair and tack. Also related, and can be bought […]

LoREZ Crocodilia

LoREZ Crocodillia

Here’s a sneak peak at another project I’ve been working for a while, the LoREZ Crocodilia figure. This includes both Alligators and Crocodiles as a fully rigged low resolution 3D model for use in DAZ Studio and Iray. The beginning of April afforded me a little bit of time to work on this, so I […]

Simple Grasslands Expanse

Promo of Simple Grasslands Expanse with pig cart and figure

This environment is a must to form a good foundation for any outdoor scene. This starts as a simple round plane that includes morphs to affect hills and mounds. A geometry shell can sit above the base and both will take several material options that can be manipulated through various tiling sizes, rotation of UVs, […]

Lorenzo Lorez II Update

Lorenzo HD Test 001

So it has been a while since I first made Lorenzo Lorez, a low resolution 3D model, and I thought it’s high time I did an update. The original figure was really well received and served as a great scene filler for all those occasions when having low resolution model wouldn’t make your computer breakout […]