Bizzle for Mister Bobble

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Introducing Bizzle, your go-to character for injecting reptilian fun into your toon renders! With an uncanny knack for whimsy, Bizzle brings scaly excitement to every scene.

This add-on morph and props set for Mister Bobble includes wearable lizard-style eyes, tail, and three-toed feet, along with four scaly textures in green, blue, red, and yellow.

Optimized for DAZ Studio and Iray, Bizzle makes it easy to add personality and charm to your scenes. Get ready to dive into a world of fun with Bizzle!


Toon-inspired fully textured 3D model original character add-on for use DAZ Studio and Iray. Suitable for digital art, film, TV and illustrations.

Features for Bizzle for Mister Bobble
  • Bizzle Character for Mister Bobble: (.DUF)
    • Presets:
      • Bizzle Character Preset
    • Wearable Props:
      • Eyes
      • Feet
      • Tail
    • Material Options:
      • Original Blue
      • Green Lizard
      • Blue Lizard
      • Red Lizard
      • Yellow Lizard
    • Textures Include:
      • 39 Diffuse, Normal, Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
      • Texture Templates available through the Product Library
    • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets
    • Textures Included
      • 39 x Diffuse, Normal, Roughness Maps
        • Dimensions – 4096 x 4096
      • 6 x Texture Templates
        • Dimensions – 1024 x 1024 px
    • Polygon Count:
      • N/A
    • Required Product
    • Recommended Product(s)
    • Software Compatibility
  1. Location of the texture template file is in Runtime/Textures/Predatron/Product Name/Templates
  2. Please make sure you read the End User License Agreement outlining the terms and conditions about using this product.
  3. Click on the link below:
    End User License Agreement