Ye Olde Library

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Step into the old world and experience the joy of scouring ancient tomes in Ye Olde Library!

Includes the main library room and a separately attached corridor. Furniture includes a leather chair and stool, sofa plus throw, side table, small coffee table, large oval table, 2 cabinets, 2 side units, 2 bookcases, 5 candle stands and holders, 2 rugs, dining chair, fire logs, log baskets, 9 collections of books, bellows, iron fire utensils and a vase of flowers. All windows and the door opens. Each window and doorway, plus ceiling is loaded with light portals so it is possible to create a variety of different lighting scenarios, included are some premade material presets. There are also 14 camera presets. Optimized for DAZ Studio and Iray.

Who knows what long-forgotten secrets may lie deep within Ye Olde Library!

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A realistic and fully textured 3D model environment for use with DAZ Studio and Iray. Suitable for digital art, film, TV and illustrations.

Features for Ye Olde Library:
  • Ye Olde Library (.DUF)
    • Presets:
      • Ye Olde Library Full Scene
    • Props:
      • Ye Olde Library Building
      • Bellows
      • Bookcase Left
      • Bookcase Right
      • Bookend
      • 9 Line of Books
      • Cabinet Two Door
      • Cabinet Four Door
      • Candle Holder x 5
      • Candle Holders Chimney
      • Candle Holders Corridor
      • Candle Holder Stand Tall x 1
      • Candle Holder Stand Tall x 3
      • Ceiling Lights
      • Corridor Ceiling Emissive
      • Corridor
      • Dining Chair
      • Dust Brush
      • Dustpan
      • Fire Logs
      • Fire Sparks
      • Ladders
      • Large Book
      • Large Book Open
      • Leather Chair
      • Leather Foot Stool
      • Leather Sofa
      • Log Basket
      • Logs
      • Poker Rack
      • Rug Long
      • Rug Round
      • Side Table Cloth
      • Side Table
      • Side Unit Two Door
      • Side Unit Glass Doors
      • Sofa Throw
      • Small Long Table
      • Small Long Table Runner
      • Table Oval
      • Table Oval Runner
      • Trailing Flowers Outside
      • Vase With Flowers
      • Window Seat
    • Materials:
      • Candle Flame Off and On Materials
      • Candle Flame Very Strong Material
      • Corridor Light Portals Off and On Materials
      • Corridor Light Portal Door Off and On Materials
      • Library Light Portals Ceiling Off and On Materials
      • Library Light Portal Ceiling Strong Material
      • Library Light Portal Door Off and On Material
      • Library Light Portal Front Window Strong Material
      • Library Light Portal Back Window Strong Material
    • Camera Presets x 14
    • DAZ Studio Iray Material Presets
    • Textures Included
      • 167 x Diffuse, Normal, Roughness, Bump, Displacement, Opacity and Metallicity Maps
        • Dimensions – 205 x 205 up to 4096 x 4096
      • 37 x Texture Templates
        • Dimensions – 1024 x 1024 px
    • Required Product
      • None
    • Recommended Product(s)
    • Software Compatibility
  1. Location of the texture template file is in Runtime/Textures/Predatron/Product Name/Templates
  2. Please make sure you read the End User License Agreement outlining the terms and conditions about using this product.
  3. Click on the link below:
    End User License Agreement