BF109 Fighter Plane

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The BF109 Fighter Plane built by Messerschmitt is one of the most iconic aeroplanes of the Second World War. This was for much of the war the main battle fighter of the Luftwaffe.

All ailerons, elevators and rudder move, as well as a retractable undercarriage. The canopy opens with sliding side windows. Inside the cockpit the control stick can also move. There are control dials to set the plane in flight mode, landed and crashed.

The polygon count for the aircraft is only 34045. The cockpit is a separate prop and can be hidden for long-range camera shots, this has 13736 polygons, and finally, the pilot comes in at 13157 polygons. All are adapted to use Sub-D levels.

There are essentially 4 different material sets for this aircraft, with each having 4 separate Geschwader markings (please see notes for more info). Included is a fully textured static pilot prop. All included materials come with both a high-resolution and low-resolution version. In most cases, this means 4K and 2K maps respectively.

This model is optimised for DAZ Studio and Iray. For those wanting to know more about the FREE program called DAZ Studio please go to

  • NOTES: This is now exclusive here at but was available elsewhere. The product has been updated with extra textures as denoted by an asterisk *. Files and folders have been updated or amended. Several material settings have been adjusted or fixed. If you have previously bought this elsewhere then please get in touch via the Contact page with proof of purchase so that you can get the updated files at no extra cost.
  • DISCLAIMER: This aircraft is intended to be used for historical reenactment for the creation of reasonably realistic renders of events from World War 2. However certain emblems have been removed that are banned and cannot be shown in numerous countries. There are alternative textures available in the texture folder but will require manual loading through the surfaces Tab. Predatron does not endorse malicious or hateful use of this product whatsoever.