LoREZ Horse 2

Predatron LoREZ Horse 2 and two-wheeled cart

“Steadfastly, the magnificent and mighty steed traversed the arid western land, carrying its rider to freedom towards the glorious setting sun.”

LoREZ Horse 2 for DAZStudio, which is now available in the store here, is a highly detailed 3D model for DAZStudio and comes complete with hair and tack. Also related, and can be bought together, are a set of extra hair/skin textures, plus a two-wheeled cart.

The horse has been set up with sub-division for extra mesh resolution but can also be used at its lowest setting, which is perfect for a background figure. Textures are also at 4k and 2K. It includes material options for bay, dark brown, and black, each with 3 separate versions. There are 4 white texture versions. The horse has several breeds and body type morphs such as an Arabian, Emaciated, Shire, Shetland, Slender, and Foal.

Tack includes a saddle, saddlebags, bedroll, bridle, and halter. All of them have 2 or more texture variations and are also available in high and low-resolution maps.

It includes 15 poses for the horse and riding poses for both Genesis 8 Male and Female.

LoREZ Horse 2 Textures

The add-on textures set includes the following materials:

  • Coat Brown
  • Coat Buckskin
  • Coat Chestnut White Socks Alt
  • Coat Chestnut White Socks
  • Coat Chestnut
  • Coat Dapple Grey
  • Coat Grey
  • Coat Palomino
  • Coat Pinto Black
  • Coat Pinto Brown

Two-wheeled Cart for LoREZ Horse 2

The two-wheeled cart comes in several versions — one is loaded with barrels, another with wagon parts, there are various rockets in the rear of one, and the final is transporting cabbages. Also included are stored tools, a wooden bucket, bundles of wood, bedrolls, and a strewn blanket in the rear.

There are fully-fitted reins and tack for the LoREZ Horse 2 for DAZStudio. All parts of the cart move with an axis point over the axle, and there are rotating wheels and a swinging lantern. Poses are available for Genesis 8 Male and Female.

Optimized for Daz Studio and Iray.

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