LoREZ Pig 2 Bundle

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The LoREZ Pig 2 Bundle includes the following:

LoREZ Pig 2
This LoREZ Pig 2 is as happy as a pig in the mud because it has been totally reworked with a low-density mesh coming in at only 2982 polygons. So this figure can be a perfect background addition, including strand-based hair, so it’s perfectly suitable for foreground uses too.

Pig Cart for LoREZ Pig 2
Whether going on an expedition or peddling moonshine, it makes sense for every respective pig owner to hook up to this Pig Cart. It comes in 2 versions: one is loaded with all kinds of props and equipment and the other has an old copper still in the back. There are fully-fitted reins and tack for the LoREZ Pig.

Home Sweet Piggy Home. This detailed 3D model environment building for DAZ Studio is a perfect place for any pig to call home. All parts are modular, so the walls on either side can be hidden. The plants are also split left and right for better camera access.

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A realistic and fully textured low-resolution 3D model animal and props bundle for use with DAZ Studio and Iray. Suitable for digital art, film, TV and illustrations.

Features for LoREZ Pig 2 Bundle:

This bundle includes the following products:

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