LoREZ Horse 2 Mega Bundle

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LoREZ Horse 2 is highly detailed and comes complete with hair and tack. It has been set up with sub-division for extra mesh resolution, including displacement maps, but can also be used at its lowest setting, which is perfect for a background figure. Textures are also at 4k and 2K. It includes material options for bay, dark brown, and black, each with 3 separate versions. There are 4 white texture versions. The horse has several breeds and body type morphs such as an Arabian, Emaciated, Shire, Shetland, Slender, and Foal. Comes fully loaded with detailed tack. Read more…

The LoREZ Horse 2 Texture add-on set includes a set of 10 additional textures for the LoREZ Horse 2. Read more…

The four-wheeled cart comes highly detailed with a variety of options that include rear benches, large barrels, small barrels, crates, coffins, wagon parts and an imposing cage. Includes a harness for use with 2 horses and a number of poses for walking and trotting while pulling the cart. There are a couple of poses for the Genesis 8 male (available at DAZ3D only). The cart is separated into sections so it is easy to hide and show parts to create the look you are after. Read more…

The two-wheeled horse cart comes in several versions — one is loaded with barrels, another with wagon parts, there are various rockets in the rear of one, and the final is transporting cabbages. Also included are stored tools, a wooden bucket, bundles of wood, bedrolls, and a strewn blanket in the rear. Read more…

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A realistic and fully textured low-resolution 3D model animal bundle for use with DAZ Studio and Iray. Suitable for digital art, film, TV and illustrations.

Features for LoREZ Horse 2 Mega Bundle:
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