Sometimes we have to take a different approach

Original figure

Benjamin - Predatron 3D Models

So I decided, after much deliberation, that the original custom character I was working on for well over 4 years would be best suited on the DAZ3D Genesis 8 platform. So over the last few weeks I have made great inroads to transfer all the work I did over to Genesis and I’m very hopeful that he will be available in the next couple of months.

Why did I do this? For several reasons really. I was going to originally make this figure available only on my website here and then develop a whole new range of fantasy figures, environments and props. But world events in the name of COVID-19 has changed everything. The world has become more and more uncertain with what we have been use to. So this has been my primary reason for changing tack and to go a different route.

I have been very fortunate in many ways to work from home and to be in an industry that has been one of the few to have an upturn in profits. However being prudent and keeping an eye on the bigger picture has to the wise course of action. I just haven’t had as much time as I would like to develop my website as I would have wanted, so to that end I saw that the new figure would take even longer to implement. Then to keep on top of trying to drive traffic to my website would impact my time even further. This then eats into what I enjoy doing the most and that is being creative and making more 3D models and resources.

So I’m pretty much at the stage were most of the original content I created has now been fitted to Genesis 8. My main task in the coming weeks is skin texturing and then packaging it all up ready for the DAZ3D store.

By doing this conversion I had concluded that I would get far more exposure through the DAZ3D website with this new figure and hopefully develop the character and his world even further. There’s plenty of similar characters I’ve coming up all waiting in the wings.

I will be trying to keep on top of the other things on my own website namely the World War Two content. But for the moment trying to make sure that I still have the work is crucial and making the right decisions with how I work will ultimately keep the roof over our heads.

I took a while to come to this but I’m really excited to see where this new character is going to take me.concluded

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