WWII Axis Planes Historical Textures

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This is a free download of historically correct textures for both the Messerschmitt BF109 and the Focke Wulf 190.

NB: These textures only apply to the BF109 and FW190 that were purchased at DAZ3D (due to their guidelines military markings are restricted). There are no meshes in this download. The BF109 and FW190 in this shop do not require these textures as they are already applied, so this free set would not be needed. Any questions send them via the contact page.

The BF109 Fighter Plane built by Messerschmitt is one of the most iconic aeroplanes of the Second World War. This was for much of the war the main battle fighter of the Luftwaffe. The FW109 was arguably the most successful fighter plane of the second world war. The Focke Wulf 190 was used throughout the war from 1941 onward and was very adaptable in many different roles.

There are essentially 4 different material sets for both aircraft, with each having 4 separate Geschwader markings (Please read included text file and relevant licensing requirements.
All included materials come with both a high resolution and low resolution version. In most cases this means 4K and 2K maps respectively.

Optimised for DAZ Studio and Iray. For those wanting to know more about the FREE program called DAZ Studio please go to https://www.daz3d.com/register-for-daz-studio

  • DISCLAIMER: These aircraft are intended to be used for historical re-enactment for the creation of reasonably realistic renders of events from World War 2. However certain emblems have been removed that are banned and cannot be shown in numerous countries. There are alternative textures available in the texture folder but will require manual loading through the surfaces Tab. The use and subsequent renders are purely the responsibility of the user. Predatron, Steve Pinchbeck or Stedi Arts Ltd do not endorse malicious or hateful use of these textures whatsoever and shall not be liable for their use in any form whatsoever.
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