Iray Lighting Environment

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This Iray Lighting Environment can create sumptuous soft shadows on a truly massive scale. It can be used for the humble portrait or even to show off something much more significant.

The environment comes as a large ellipsoid with a flattened base. The very top has a removable cap so that it is possible to use additional lights or the Iray sun and sky lighting. There are numerous emissive panels located around the inside of the ellipsoid that are controlled via the materials folder so that numerous lighting variations can be achieved.

For fun, there is an additional trapdoor located at the centre of the floor. For practical uses, a mirrored sphere is included, which will give some indication of the placement of the emissive panels in the scene.

Optimized for Daz Studio and Iray.

  • NOTES: Not included figures or props shown in the promos.