Four-Wheeled Cart LoREZ Horse 2

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Hauling supplies and people across dirt roads and medieval towns is a job for this four-wheeled cart for the LoREZ Horse 2.

Highly detailed with a variety of options that include rear benches, large barrels, small barrels, crates, coffins, wagon parts and an imposing cage. Includes a harness for use with 2 horses and a number of poses for walking and trotting while pulling the cart. There are a couple of poses for the Genesis 8 male. The cart is separated into sections so it is easy to hide and show parts to create the look you are after.

Also, look out in the store for the two-wheeled cart for the LoREZ Horse 2 and then maybe you can have your very own medieval haulage company!

Optimised for DAZ Studio and Iray.

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