Crack Willow Trees

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A set of 8 Crack Willow Tree props. These can be found in many areas such as near rivers and streams where their fragile branches break and are then carried downstream where they eventually settle and take root. They can also be found planted in many roadside verges and embankments.

These trees are intended to be reasonably immature which are approximately 15 to 25 feet tall. mature trees can grow up to 80 feet. Each tree comes in summer and autumn/fall materials. Polygon counts form 103879 to 294722.

Optimised for Daz Studio and Iray.

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Features for Crack Willow Trees:
  • Predatron Crack Willow Trees (.DUF)
    • 6 Crack Willow Trees
      • Available in Summer and Autumn/Fall Versions
    • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
  • Textures Included
    • 12 x Diffuse, Roughness, Normal, Bump, Opacity Maps
      • Dimensions – 331 x 512 to 903 x 2048 px
    • 1 x Texture Templates
      • Dimensions – 512 x 512 px
  • Polygon Count:
      • 103879 to 294722 polygons
  • Required Product
      • None
  • Software Compatibility
  1. Location of the texture template file is in Runtime/Textures/Predatron/Product Name/Templates
  2. Please make sure you read the End User License Agreement outlining the terms and conditions about using this product.
  3. Click on the link below:
    End User License Agreement