Ruined Tower

Now What?

High on a hill sits a ruined tower with commanding views across the lands beyond. Is it a place of sanctuary or one to be avoided at all costs?

Ruined Tower is a highly detailed scene that offers lots of possibilities to aid in storytelling. All of the parts are modular so different setups can be achieved. Central to the scene is a large rock jutting upwards that has a walkway that curves around to the top. A wooden bridge sits across a gap in the path, and various plants, bushes, and trees cover the area. At the top is a ruined tower surrounded by rubble and stones. To one side is a bonfire that is also modular, so that flames, emissives, planks, and smoke can be moved and rotated.

There are 5 lighting options and 5 portrait-styled environment backdrops that are loaded in the preloaded scenes. There are 8 cameras to give a head start on exploring the different angles.

Optimized for DAZ Studio and Iray.

This is now live at

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