Predatron Exclusives

Predatron Exclusives
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After what must be over 5 years I finally got my own store up and running. For the moment I’m going to gradually add props, scenes and figures not available anywhere else and for the moment I’ll be calling the store Predatron Exclusives. I’m still running my DAZ3D store as usual, but this is going to be in the main about scene fillers. You could think of it more like a prop store. It’s something DAZ really didn’t want to do. I should also say that I will plan on adding possibly some of my original figures as well as environments.

I’ve already got a number of props in the works so those will be added as soon as I get them finished. Hopefully there might be something here of use, I know when I first started rendering 3D art I was always on the lookout for little items to stick in my scenes. It’s actually one of the reasons I started making 3D content in the first place because more often than not I couldn’t find what I wanted.

Medieval Hand Cart - Predatron 3D Models & Resources

Next project to get the newsletter all set up at MailChimp. Then I can keep on top of any new developments and news. Also got plans to slowly add my collection of texture photos that I’ve been compiling for almost 20 years. So there’s a lot of photos of walls, which was always a topic of interest when showing holiday photos!

Apple Crate - Predatron 3D Models and Resources
Oil Drum - Predatron 3D Models and Resources

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