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Here’s my latest addition to the store the Messerschmitt BF109.

I had recently removed it from my DAZ3D store due to some behind the scenes technical requirements which I thought best to just take it down from DAZ3D rather than address them. It’s all good though and for any previous purchasers you can still get access to that original model through their own product library.

This version however has been updated and has 4 extra textures included so that all four main colour schemes get an extra Geschwader mark. I have also done a few minor shader updates too. Files and folders have been slightly rearranged, so it’s advised any previous versions are removed before installing this one.

One thing to note is that I will honour anybody who has previously bought the original at DAZ and would like to get their hands on this updated version. You just need to register at my store here and also send me proof of purchase (Paypal statement or similar, screen grab of DAZ product library including BF109 Fighter Plane), I will then send a download link.


Also check out the additional add-on props set for this model, also now not found anywhere else,

The second related addition to the store is my Luftwaffe Ground Support Equipment. Again this was a similar story as to why I removed it for DAZ3D, so I decided to add it here instead. It’s a great compliment product to the BF109 Fighter Plane. You can find it here


For more information about the Messerschmitt BF109 please have a read at Wikipedia.

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