Medieval Roadside Merchant Stalls

A view of a medieval street that includes the Medieval Roadside Merchant Stalls

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Whether it is dusty cobbled market squares or along the side of well-worn country tracks, these medieval roadside merchant stalls will offer all kinds of produce.

The base stall has a number of morphs that can offer some versatility in creating the look you are after. A number of additional wearable props such as wooden sides, roof, cloth back, top and sides will extend the versatility further. All cloth comes in a number of worn texture options.

To start things off, there are 6 basic stalls already configured and ready to add various produce and ware items. Additionally, there are 4 fully loaded stalls set up as a grocer and a potter.

A whole host of fruit and vegetable props are included from apples, leeks, carrots, parsnips, chestnuts, mushrooms, onions, cabbage, turnips, herbs, and beans plus numerous pulses and spices. Various containers include crates and wicker baskets.

The pottery comes in two color options and is jointed for different posing options.

The stalls can be lit by a pair of hanging lanterns and the included wooden street lantern. Each has options via the materials folder to adjust whether the lanterns are off or on.

Finally, there are 4 render settings to set up the lighting for the scene. These include daylight and nighttime, with options to turn on the matte fog for some atmosphere.

Optimized for DAZ Studio and Iray.

Grab all the ingredients for a banquet from these medieval roadside merchant stalls!

Now available here at

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