Lorenzo Lorez V2

Lorenzo Lorez - Predatron 3D Models

Another project in the works and one that’s been needing an update for quite a few years now. The Lorenzo Lorez 2 figure is almost fully rigged for DAZ Studio. My original Lorenzo was built originally for Poser and is about 10 years old now. I wanted a figure back then that I could populate scenes that was versatile and inexpensive in terms of computer resources, so I modelled a male character that was only 5109 polygons. Well the new updated figure has only 3996 polygons but is now fully compatible with HD morphs and has general weighted joints set in an A pose. The image you see here has Lorenzo in the middle set on Sub-D x 3 which includes some preliminary muscle morphs, there is the base low resolution version on the right and on the left is a Luftwaffe pilot that will borrow the rig and be released as part of a Luftwaffe Personnel set very soon (more character set are planned for the future with an emphasis on armies). Because Iray likes lots of polygons the base figure with no sub-division can look a little faceted close up, but it looks pretty good when sub-division is applied. More to come in the next few weeks and months.

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