Hog and Barrel Project

Hog and Barrel

It’s almost time for the PA Sale at DAZ and I managed to get a project ready to have included. This was totally inspired by my fascination with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. So I wanted to pay homage in my own way to the inns found in Hobbiton and Bree.

Hog and Barrel - Predatron 3D Models

So I came up with my own take on those locations and called this little watering hole The Hog & Barrel. Now to say that this was put together just for this years PA Sale would be a bit far of the mark because in all reality this set has taken well over 3 years to make. Not that I’ve been slaving away on this every waking minute but rather I kept dipping in and out of this while maintaining the day job.

Hog Barrel - Predatron 3D Models

It comes in two parts both interior and exterior and it’s pretty detailed. It was certainly fun to put together and I loved every aspect of it from the modelling to the texturing and eventual rigging in DAZ Studio. I used a combination of 3DS Max and Zbrush for the modelling. UV’s were unwrapped in uvlayout. Texturing done primarily in Substance Painter with a little bit of Photoshop. Rendered with Iray in DAZ Studio.

Hog & Barrel - Predatron 3D Models

I’m not sure what day these will be available during September. But I’ll make that known on social media.

Hog and Barrel - Predatron 3D Models

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