Lorenzo Lorez V2

Lorenzo Lorez - Predatron 3D Models

Another project in the works and one that’s been needing an update for quite a few years now. The Lorenzo Lorez 2 figure is almost fully rigged for DAZ Studio. My original Lorenzo was built originally for Poser and is about 10 years old now. I wanted a figure back then that I could populate […]

New Figure in the Works

Benjamin - Predatron 3D Models

This is a new figure that I’ve actually been working on for just over 3 years in between all my other projects. I’m hoping that it will be available in my store sometime later this year. This project was very influenced by a world frequented by people of rather diminutive stature who have a tendency […]


Outdoor Lounge Area

Well this has taken such a while to get my website back online, possibly several years now. I’ve just not had the time to sit and develop a new site after several bad experiences of rubbish hosting providers. I’ve now been using www.ionos.co.uk (formally 1&1) for around year or so, mainly for email, other websites […]